WISfans.com helps Sports Club to develop their fans engagement blockchain strategy, to protect their merchandising , enhance , monetize and evolve their fan engagement developing special editions of WIseCoin for fans allowing fans to engage with the Club through the Wisefans platform . Wisecoin Fan owners will also be granted access to exclusive fan rewards, merchandising content from their preferred clubs joining wisefans. WISeFans was originally deployed by famous clubs such as Real Madrid , Flamingo and FC Barcelona.

WISeKey Protects Sports Revenue and Connects Clubs with their WISfans.com

The new NanoSealRT(TM) and VaultIC155 NFC tags or tokens allied to WISeKey's WISfans® and WISeAuthentic platforms provide sports clubs with a consistent robust way to protect their brands and reinforce their interaction with fans Read more

One Team, One Link, Seamless Interaction!


The WISfans© system keeps fans engaged on and off the field through a digital 'clubhouse' ecosystem that taps into sport franchise's fan base.

Curated content

bringing curated content, match reports, videos, photos, fan-supported social campaigns, Twitter and Facebook posts, sports highlights, and injects exclusive additional content provided by the team and its players.

Bringing to your Fans

Fans can also access ticketing, purchase merchandise, and visit sponsor sites.

The platform continually folds

The platform continually folds in new cutting-edge digital perks for fans to try such as facial biometric comparisons with the teams' star players.

Provide backend analytics

WISfans also provide backend analytics and provide enriched data that club marketing teams can integrate with their CRM to create additional engagement and growth.